Warcraft Wednesday: Warlords of Draenor News and Updates

Welcome to my all new weekly article, Warcraft Wednesday. This article will cover all the news and rumors coming out of the Blizzard HQ, in regards to Warlords of Draenor, plus, anything else WoW related I can cram into 150 – 250 words. First up, Blizzard’s yearly April Fools jokes! Since World of Warcraft’s humble beginning as a pretender to EQ, the developers have gone to great lengths to pull a fast one on their subscribers. Such hilarious April Fools Pranks include:
The Tinfoil hat, because everyone was sure that the “Man” was trying to spy on us my creating the Armory.



P1mp my Mount! Because, who wouldn’t want spinners and tinted windows on their Night-Saber?




Well, this year was no different, as Blizz pulled a fast one, yet again. Of course now, we’ve all come to expect and even look forward to it!
New Female Draenei model.

In what I consider probably the greatest April Fools prank of all time, this year Blizz rolled out a fake video game. Well done Blizz.


What are some of your favorite Blizzard April Fools pranks? Let me know in the comments below. Hey, while you’re there, tell me what you would like to discuss next week, in Warcraft Wednesday.

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