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House Martell is one of the great noble Houses of Westeros, and is the ruling House of Dorne. While most noble Houses of Westeros claim legitimacy, through their bloodlines to the Andals and First Men, House Martell proudly claim the blood of the warrior race of Rhoynar as their ancestors. Their Sigil is a spear piercing a sun on a fiery orange field, and their words are “Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken“.

After the Andal invasion, most of the noble Houses of Westeros were consolidating into larger kingdoms, bringing lesser houses under their protection as vassals. However, Dorne was still fractured and warring, when the Warrior Queen, Nymeria of the Rhoynar, brought her people to its shores. Nymeria took the strongest warrior in Dorne for her husband, King Mors Martell, and with their combined might, united all of Dorne under the reign of House Martell. Because of their new Rhoynar blood, Dorne abandoned the ways of the Andal, and called their rulers, Princes, instead of Kings. Another Rhoynar custom adopted by the people of Dorne, was the hereditary rights of rule, title and land, could now be passed down to the female line, instead of just the male line.

As House Martell’s words state, Dorne remained unbowed, unbent, and unbroken, even in the face of Aegon I Targaryen’s conquest. Aegon’s forces were beaten back by the dessert-guerrilla-warfare tactics of the Rhoynar; Aegon’s dragons were rendered useless and ineffectual in this type of fighting. Aegon left Dorne alone, and for two centuries, the Targaryen Kings attempted to subjugate, and bring Dorne under their rule. Dorne did eventually come into the fold, as a marriage arrangement between House Martell and House Targaryen, fianlly united the two kingdoms.

In season 4 of Game of Thrones, House Martell will finally take center stage, as the Red Viper, Prince Oberyn Martell, will come to King’s Landing. How will their story play out? Will we see the current ruler of House Martell, Prince Doran? Prince Doran has terrible gout, thus the reason for him not traveling, yet sending his brother Prince Oberyn, to King’s Landing. Let me know what you think, in the comments below.


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