How I Met Your Mother Finale

So it’s all over the internet. The tv gods have made their decision. How I met your mother is over. (In case, you know, you didn’t know.) People definitely have their fare share of opinions over the final ending. No matter how you spin it, people aren’t completely happy, with how the show ended. I’m going to go with the assumption: people don’t want the show to end or they just want to hang out with the group every week via the box in their living room.

In celebration of all the chatter, here are some reasons why I liked  the HIMYM finale:
(oh yea, spoiler alert)

Highlight: seeing Aria from #PrettyLittleLiars (yes, I’m a fan. Another story for another time)
Lily wears a Moby Dick Preggers Whale Costume. Oh the irony.
You learn the whole story of Ted & ‘The Mother’. They are awesome. Their random chance almost encounter real love story is pretty cool. And sad. Insert Kleenex.
The ‘mother’ makes me laugh. She’s cool & funny. We’d be real life friends.
The crew wears fake funny old people hair when they get old.
Oh Lily gets preggers with Baby #3 . #3?!!
Barney has a baby. The moment between them is super high-five worthy.
The play book baby edition ( there should be one) also there are a lot of baby references & babies in this episode in general.
Ugly wedding dresses.
Robin’s Dogs haven’t aged. They must own a Deloreon.
It dawned on me that McClennan’s has become the Cheers of this generation.
Although, I was surprised, I didn’t mind that Robin & Barney didn’t work out. It was real. Some people work together. Some people don’t. I appreciated the real ness.

So that’s an end of an era. An end to Bro-Codes, William Zabka, (shut-up) Patrice, Premium scotch, high-fives, the captain, random chance encounters, friends for life.
See ya on Netflix . Where we can binge-watch all 9 seasons all over again.

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