Game of Thrones Character Venn Diagrams

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Sometimes it’s hard to understand the motivations of complex characters in a rich drama like Game of Thrones.  Hopefully these Venn diagrams will help us unlock who these characters really are.

Ned Stark



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  • Gilles Landry

    The typos are making these a bit less believable… Fordo Baggins? Ramsy Snow? Lindsey Lohan?
    Get spellcheck, buddy…

    • Master Luke

      Totally. I was really believing all of it until I saw Fordo Baggins – who is not an actualy real person in reality. Unlike Frodo Baggins, who is a for-real person in reality.

  • Razorhog

    Honestly, I don’t know what you two are talking aboot. Fordo Baggins is the Canadian version of the only slightly more popular Frodo. Same story line and all, except Fordo apologized to Sauorn (Canadian Sauron) before, during, and after tossing in the ring.