Intramural, Official Trailer

I was on an intramural basketball team in high school.  For some reason most of our school took intramural basketball really seriously… our team did not.  We were called “The Asian Invasion” and we were made up of all the Asian kids in our grade, a couple of gingers, a kid in a wheel chair, a girl, and a 12 year old who was a junior in high school like Doogie Howser.  Needless to say our team did not win many games, but if acting like asses scored points we could have beaten the Miami Heat.  This movie really reminds me of my days of glory playing games that absolutely didn’t matter.

The movie follows a rag tag group of college students as they try to win an intramural championship during their senior year.  There are a lot of things to like here from Colonel Tigh to an Air Bud joke… anyone who reads the LB knows how I love an Air Bud joke.  This looks to be an under the radar movie that’s absolutely hilarious, it’s got a  Super Troopers feel.



Did you ever have grab any intramural glory? Tell us your heroic story in the comments below.

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