UCONN and Kentucky Fans Riot, Prove They are Classy

Monday night, after the University of Connecticut basketball team defeated the University of Kentucky in the NCAA Basketball Championship, both team’s fans decided to riot. That’s right, both fan bases, including students of both colleges, decided that the best course of action, for both winning and losing, was to destroy property, harm other human beings, and generally act like a bunch of A-holes.

Look, I get it Kentucky fans, I’m from Arkansas…heck, I live in Fayetteville, so as you can imagine, there have been many opportunities for Hog fans to riot. However, we choose not to riot, because we like nice things, and because if we lose (which has been quite a lot, lately), we get upset for a couple hours, then have a beer, and move on with our lives. Listen Kentucky fans, I understand that all you have is basketball, but try and show some class for once, and stop burning things…we all know you can’t afford to replace the furniture in your trailer.

UCONN fans are even worse, in this instance. Why oh why would you riot WHEN YOUR TEAM ACTUALLY WON? Seriously though, your team just won the NCAA National Title in basketball, and your only recourse is to tip over cars, burn furniture, and throw bottles at cops? Be better UCONN fans, you’ve been there before, try and act like it.

Now everyone just calm the f#@k down and watch this video, hosted by a robot, explaining just what went down. Thank you robot voice, you are the lighthouse in a stormy sea of ignorance and temporary mental deficiency.


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