The Late Show: Stephen Colbert To Replace David Letterman

David Letterman shook up the late night world last week when he announced his retirement. Today CBS shook up late night again when they announced that Stephen Colbert would be replacing Letterman. No word on when the transition will take place, but Letterman himself has said that his last show would be next year.

This is big news for Colbert who will be moving on from his super successful Comedy Central “news” show ‘The Colbert Report.’ I’ve often thought that whichever network was bold enough to grab Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert was going to set itself up for a big win. Colbert can be a controversial figure and is known for playing a right wing caricature of himself. ‘The Late Show’ will most likely be the end of that character, allowing Colbert to be himself. It will be very interesting to see what mix of political humor makes it’s way onto ‘The Late Show.’ Surely you can’t take all the political humor out of Colberts act, but it’s probably going to be reigned in hard.

Colbert will be competing head to head with Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. Isn’t it ironic that Colbert was one of the celebrities that congratulated Fallon on getting his gig as host of the Tonight Show just a few months ago?

Welcome to the bigs Stephen.

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