This Week on Twitter: Pine Tar, Stephen Colbert, and more

Here is something I find amusing: Twitter is a social media outlet that allows for anybody, literally anybody, to make public their reactions to an event or a bit of news. Knowing that and therefore knowing the mass of opinions sure to be delivered when something significant happens, people still expend energy getting mad when their timeline “blows up” about one particular item, annoyed to see so many tweets about one topic.

And how do they express their frustration? By tweeting, of course! Tweets about tweets. That’s so meta, bro. Anyhow, getting mad about a hot topic being a hot topic seems like a waste of energy to me, so here is what caught my attention instead.

1. Michael Pineda had pine tar, or some other substance (even though it was definitely pine tar) on his pitching hand

Please observe the picture below.

Amidst the hand-wringing about cheating in baseball, blah blah blah, the funniest part of this whole thing was the brazen nature of it. Seriously, if Pineda was cheating, would he have been that obvious about it?

2. Stephen Colbert replaces David Letterman

This was the news of the week that was a huge deal, and then people got mad that it was such a huge deal. Here are some other Twitter reactions.

The best reaction tweet of all:

And from the man himself:

Should be a fun ride.

3. Jose Canseco said…

We’ll conclude this week with our usual tweet from the great mind of Jose Canseco, presented without comment.


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