Game of Thrones: Fans React to Joffrey's Death



Well it finally happened, his majesty is finally dead. After 3 seasons and 2 episodes, we have finally gotten rid of that little shit in a crown, Joffrey. I am not sure that there has been a more universally hated villain in all of television, than Joffrey Baratheon. (I’m not including literature, because you guys have not truly met the real Ramsay Snow).
While Joffrey may not have died as gloriously as Robb and Catelyn Stark, covered in arrows, wailing in grief, blood shooting out in a geyser of awesome, he did satisfy millions of people, world-wide, as is proved in this latest installment of fan reaction videos. Thanks to the folks at Fans React for posting this to YouTube.



One thing is absolutely evident in this video; everyone hated Joffrey. You can thank not only the genius that is George R. R. Martin, in creating such an awful A-hole, but you can also thank Jack Gleeson, who expertly portrayed the character of Joffrey Baratheon.


I have read the books several times, and I can honestly say that Jack Gleeson brought Joffrey’s character onto the television screen, in a way that truly payed homage to GRRM’s work. Joffrey elicited such hateful feelings from everyone who watched him, and that is a credit to Jack Gleeson’s expert craftsmanship in acting.


Thank you Jack, for teaching us to hate a kid so much, that we stood and cheered, as he died horribly. Godspeed in your next endeavors, but much like I only see Daniel Radcliffe  as Harry Potter in every movie he does, I will always see you as Joffrey Baratheon, and for that, we thank you.


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