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Today I salute to you CeCe.

Ahhhh CeCe . The supermodel. Jess’s BFF 4Ever. Schmidt’s Ex. Bartender?

So CeCe is a in a weird life slump right now. She has decided to take her full-time modeling job and cut it in half. Like she wants to put the breaks on that career. She has decided to take her shot at Bar-Tending. Cheers to CeCe. We’ve all been there.

10 Reasons Why CeCe is a Super Model Bartender

What’s the difference between Gin & Tonic? Smart Question. Someone’s gotta ask.
swirly straws are the best garnish ever.
White Fang. Shaken not Stirred. CeCe Original.
Only Bartender to ever wear Red Platforms successfully.
A lot of your drinks might come out Neon Colors. How fun is that?
Heavy Hand. Confuses Vodka with Water. Often.
The Dr. is In. Gives Great Dating Advice
Blasts Prince from the Juke-Box & dances. Purple Rain!
Shots. Shots. Shots. Bachelor Parties. Drink up or she’ll crazy murder you. Or overcharge you.
She’s best friends with other models. She also likes to have fun. Duh. And if she’s friends with you , she’ll totally hook you up. With a bowl of free bar nuts. Congrats!

Tune in next week to hear more awesome stuff from CeCe & other characters from New Girl.

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