Epic Fail: Kicked in the Head Selfie

If you haven’t yet seen it, a video has recently emerged from the dark recesses of the internet, showing a dumb kid, attempting to take a selfie next to some train tracks. What is so dumb about this, you ask? Well, the moron was standing so close to the tracks, that when a train came roaring by, the conductor of the train planted a boot square in the face of the dumbass kid.

Here’s the video


Hilarious, yeah? What you don’t see in the normal speed video, is the kid’s face at the moment of impact…


Even better, right? The conductor of this train deserves an award, because he did exactly what each and every one of us have wanted to do to these hipster wannabes, every time we see them trying to take some edgy selfie.

Because I love you all, and because I want this saved for all time, I made a GIF just for you guys. Enjoy as you play it over and over, and bathe in the laughs that are born from this hipster-douchenozzle’s pain.


Here’s the GIF



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