TUF recap - in GIF form

Last night was a great card and it might surprise some people because the fighters (save the main event) weren’t really well known, except to people who follow the sport closely. Here are a couple of GIFs from the night –
Chris Indich vs_ Richard Walsh


And those weren’t even on the main card. This next one was KJ noons knocking Sam Stout into next week. At the end of the match he tried to choke out the ref because he has no idea what is going on.
K_J_ Noons vs_ Sam Stout


Here is another angle of the punch. VICIOUS.




This was nice knee by Kyle Noke but he ended up losing the fight via Decision, unfortunately. Still, any GIF where a Canadian gets a knee to the face is one to save for a rainy day.




At last but not least, an American Green Beret/Army Ranger/Captain America punching a Brit in the face, FLUSH.



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