Game of Thrones: Bran's Journal


Dear Dream Journal,
So, yeah…I touched a weirwood tree and pretty much saw the past and the future and found out where we are going, all in about a minute. WHAT A TRIP. Seriously journal, I was tripping balls when I let go, but maybe that has to do with the mushrooms growing at the base of the weirwood tree…I dunno. Plus, I heard the three eyed raven’s voice for this first time, which he sounds really old…ugh, old people.

“Look for me, beneath the tree, North,” Uhhhhh okay, we are already headed north, so…no shit bro. I honestly don’t know how I feel about looking under trees, because, you know…MY FREAKING LEGS DON’T WORK. I really hope this three eyed raven isn’t a dick about my legs, because if he is, then I’ll warg into Brodor and kick his old wrinkly ass.

Meera keeps trying to make me eat this nasty-ass old bread and salt packed fish. Have you ever eaten salt packed fish, journal? No…no of course you haven’t, because you are a journal. I wonder if I could warg into you and write myself…WTF BRO MIND BLOWN. Anyway, I hate that crap that Meera passes off as food, but what she doesn’t know is, I’ve been eating these shrooms I found by the weirwood  tree, and whoa…WHOA I have been seeing some shit. Like dragons flying around King’s Landing, and my dad sharpening his sword. Like I said, I have seen some shit bro.

Okay journal, Meera is nagging me again about eating, so time to cram some more shrooms down my cake-hole, before she sees me. Catch ya on the flippy-flip.


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