Jaime Lannister Journal 4

Well shit! Things escalated quickly at King Joffrey’s wake. While I am not necessarily sad about about Joffrey’s death, I know Cersei is hurting. I was hurting too but not about my son. I am sick and tired of getting treated so crapy from my own family, especially by Cersei. I know I took it too far but at the time all I could think about was showing Cersei how much she hurt me. I have to admit I was worried Joffrey’s body was going to fall on top of us. I’m not sure I would have stopped if he had.


I don’t believe Tyrion had anything to do with Joffrey’s death but who could blame him if he did. With his wife Sansa missing, it’s not looking good for my little brother. I need to go see him but after what happened with me and Cersei, I just can’t muster up the energy. My father never misses an opportunity to exploit a situation for his benefit. Everyone knows my father is the one who is running Kings Landing even when Joffrey was alive. He is now starting to groom my son/nephew to become the King.

I have been keeping myself away from Brienne because any perceived closeness with her will cause Cersei to hurt her. If Brienne thought the bear was ferocious wait till she has Cersei full attention. Even if Cersei doesn’t want me anymore, she also doesn’t want anyone else to have me. I saw Cersei talking with Brienne at the wedding and I didn’t like it. I knew there was going to be trouble with Brienne at the castle. I know Brienne can take care of herself but I feel its my duty to keep her safe. I should have given her Sansa and sent them away to safety. Now I have a crazed Cersei to contend with and my father looking to kill my brother Tyrion. Why did I come back to Kings Landing?

GOT Jaime wedding shit

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