Mad Men: More Like Sad Men


AMC’s Mad Men is two episodes into it’s 7th and final season, and I am not impressed. First let me say that, while I may not be happy about this season of Mad Men so far, I absolutely love this show, and sincerely hope that they pull up out of this sad little nose dive.


The main reason that I enjoy Mad Men so much, is that for an hour on Sunday nights, I get to live vicariously through Don Draper, the real most interesting man in the world. The end of last season, and the beginning of this season, have made me actually pity Don, and nobody wants to pity Don Draper.


I get it, I really do. The show’s writers want the character of Don Draper to be deep and complex, all the while being relatable to most men who tune in to see what he is going to get into next. However, I do not think that most men want to be put on sabbatical by their high paying jobs, where they are a main partner, and live on the opposite coast away from their hot model/actress wife.



Another aspect of Don, that most men and women alike want to see, is Don’s proclivity for getting into the bed of any woman he deems worthy to lay with. Seriously, Don Draper is the symbol for stud panty-droppers all over the world. Men want to be him, while women want to be with him. However, when Don has to beg for sex from Megan, and then turns down a potentially steamy-hot sexual liaison with Julie Salinger from Party of Five, then he really isn’t Don Draper.


So, where is Don Draper? Well, he certainly is not in his office at the Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price advertising agency, something that Sally Draper learned this past episode. And really, do we even like the new guy, Lou Whats-his-Name? He shall be forever called, Not-Don.


Not-Don is a raging dick. He’s mean to Peggy, he tells terrible jokes at staff meetings, and he got rid of Dawn…which as it turns out, was quite fortuitous for Dawn, as she now has Joan’s job. Anyway, back to Not-Don. How long are the partners going to put up with his boring, not at all exciting ad pitches?



One thing is for sure, Mad Men needs to drop the suck, and pick up the Don Draper pwn. That’s right, I (as a heterosexual male), want to see more badass, swaggering, dick-swinging Don Draper, because without him, Mad Men is just Sad Men, and nobody wants to see that.


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