What to Watch: Salem



On today’s What to Watch, I’m going to be talking about the WGN’s brand new witch horror/drama, Salem. Salem is about the infamous witch trials during the 1690’s, where innocent people were tortured and eventually put to death by the Puritans, in the town of Salem, Massachusetts.

The WGN has taken those dark times and added their special brand of creepy to them. Late night blood rituals, the hysteria of a town driven mad by men hiding under the flag of religion, and terrifying looks at witches and their familiars are just some of what this show brings to the table.


Salem’s unique take on the witch trials is this: The witches of Salem are the ones who are actually running the witch trials, as an elaborate plot to rid the town of the religious-Puritan element. This interesting angle makes Salem a wickedly fun, and exciting watch. I highly suggest you make room for this show in your Sunday night viewing…just don’t watch it alone, in the dark.


You can watch ‘Salem’, Sunday nights at 9pm CST, only on WGN

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