Summertime is Great

Have you ever caught yourself longing for the quintessential anthem to Summer? Well, long no further, because Three Beat Slide has the perfect balm to sooth that itchy, painful sunburn that only Summertime can bring.


With their perfect pitch, and smooth transitional chorus, Three Beat Slide has erupted onto the music scene. This video has it all: perfectly executed beach walking, professionally choreographed dance moves, superb video editing, and  wardrobe malfunctions replete with multiple shots of camel toe, to rival that of Destiny’s Child.

Three Beat Slide will have you humming this catchy tune for hours on end…on a continual loop, until you put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, and if that isn’t the meaning of Summertime, then I don’t know what is. I do have one concern however, who is driving the car if Dad is in the backseat with the kids? SAFETY FIRST YOU GUYS.

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