Make Your Own Paper Game Of Thrones Chess Set

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Have you ever said to yourself “Man I wish I had my very own Game of Thrones chess set?”  Sure, we all have, but worry no more.  Now thanks to the magic of an iPad and an app called Foldify you can have a free Game of Thrones chess set all to yourself!

The following pages contain printer ready patterns for each piece and the board. Just save, print, cut, and tape your way to the Iron Throne of paper Westeros!

Will you play as the lovable, but a bit slow Starks?


Or the devious and easy to hate Lannisters?


We will introduce a new house each week!

All this excitement caused Ned to lose his head.


The plans start on the next page, ONWARD TO THE IRON THRONE OF CHESS!

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  • Patrick Allen

    Terrific work. Need to get some card stock.

  • Razorhog

    Naked Hodor is my spirit animal.

  • Razorhog

    Also, if I haven’t mentioned this before…this feels a bit spoilery.

  • Stuart Sutton

    great work, but king in the north wolf is not there and bran stark is just arya stark so pls change because it is really good and i want to print out house stark and are you still making more houses thanks

    • Razorhog

      Bran is shorter on the chess set, his eyes are white because he is warging. The King in the North (Robb) is the wolf head with x’s over the eyes and arrows in him, much like he looked after the Red Wedding.

  • frank simon

    Sutton is right, we know what they look like but the pieces aren’t blown up to be able to make them.

  • frank simon

    Card stock is good. If you score the plain side of the dotted fold lines you will get a much easier and cleaner fold. You can use a ruler and awl or other other pointed tool to do the scoring. Also, I would weight the base of the figures by gluing inside pennies or washers