Game of Thrones: Season 4 Episode 4 "Oathkeeper" Recap

Episode 4 of Game of Thrones Season 4, titled ‘Oathkeeper’ definitely did not follow the clear path laid out by the books…and I’m okay with that. So many things happened north of the Wall in the episode, but first let’s talk about what took place in King’s Landing, and across the Narrow Sea, in Mereen.



Oathkeeper is the name that Brienne gave one of the two Valyrian Steel swords, reforged from Ned Stark’s ancestral sword, Ice. One was given to Joffrey and the other to Jaime. Jaime, in an attempt to regain his lost honor, gives his sword to Brienne when he sends her out to find Sansa, and return her to her remaining family. Jaime also gave Brienne a new set of armor.




In last week’s episode, we saw Tyrion emotionally release Pod from his service, so that he would not be in danger. Well, Pod got a new job, and he could not be more happy about it…neither could we. Although, Pod will have to work on how to address his new boss.


With all the coolness that was revealed last night, the one new character that had me absolutely head over heels, was the huge reveal of…



With Tommen becoming the new king soon, I was desperately hoping that the writers would not leave out Ser Pounce. In the books, Tommen is much younger, and Margaery gives him a basket of kittens. Tommen loves the kittens so very much, and names one of them Ser Pounce. I am very glad this knightly feline was included in the show.

Heading across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys took Mereen without having to lose any of her Unsullied. Mereen is a huge storyline for Dany, in fact she is still there in the latest book, and so much happens there for the Mother of Dragons and her children. Last night we got to see something that does not happen in the books, but I am so glad the writers put it in.

House Targaryen’s Sigil draped over the Harpy

Back at the Wall, Bran and company hear a baby crying in the night. Bran wargs into Summer, and finds out that Ghost is being held in a cage, right before falling into a trap/pit. The deserters at Craster’s Keep capture Bran and gang, when they come looking for the direwolves, and they tortured Hodor, which made me sad.


This is where I had to squelch my nerd-rage. In the books, Sam promises to never tell Jon Snow that he saw Bran at the Nightfort. In fact, it is a promise that he struggles with for quite some time and chapters. Why the writers decided to redo this storyline, is beyond me, and the fact that Jon and the volunteer brothers of the Night’s Watch are headed to Craster’s Keep, possibly reuniting the Stark brothers, absolutely blows my mind.


Finally, we get to the biggest shocker of last night. The Night’s King is revealed to be alive-ish and leading the Others. I wont go too much into detail, but if you want to know more about the Night’s King, you can read this article I did earlier :

Game of Thrones: Did HBO Reveal the Night’s King? (SPOILERS)


This scene had chills running up and down my spine, and I am so glad HBO decided to do this.


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