Life with New Girl: Schmidt



New Girl is a fun show. Jess and the gang will keep you in stitches. From the awkward on/off again relationship between Jess and Nick, to Coach watching Winston sleeping, New Girl has it all.

Schmidt is one of the original loft roommates. He’s the man, the myth, the hair product. Let’s see, what can you say about Schmidt that he hasn’t already said about himself. He always has a plan, he’s quite the adventurer in the bedroom, has had lavish office love affairs, and is head-over-heels for his on/off again love, CeCe. Also, he probably has the best wardrobe…especially for a dude.

So, today we salute to you Schmidt, and all your Schmidt-isms

The Schmidt-isms: Learn them. Love Them. (if you don’t, throw money in the douche-jar)


Has anyone seen my driving moccasins? (Making Driving Moccasins the coolest thing since sliced bread)


Has anyone seen my good pea coat? ( come on guys, in long winters nights, I totally long for a good pea coat.)


Pine has no place in this loft. ( I scoff at Pine myself. I concur, Schmidt)


Can someone please get my towel? It’s next to my Irish Walking Cape. (  If you’ve got a cape, let alone an ‘Irish walking cape’, you know this dude is fun to party with)


Of course, I am wearing my lap dance pants. (Thank you?)



Make sure to Catch up next week with the crew of New Girl. Comment on your favorite Schmidt-ism below.

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