Gandalf Sings The Fresh Prince Theme Song

I love the Fresh Prince, and I love Gandalf.  Hunter Davis is a super talented impressionist who mimics Ian McKellen’s speaking style perfectly.   I guess you could have said Magneto sings the Fresh Prince theme song, or even King Lear sings the Fresh Prince theme song, but I’m hearing Gandalf in this.

You can even see Gandalf on his face.  I have no idea how he became so talented at sounding like Ian McKellen but I imagine it involved a lot of talking to your self like Gandalf all day.  That kind of thing could drive a man insane.  If he is insane it was obviously well worth it because this is just amazing.  If that wasn’t enough he’s done a lot of other songs as Gandalf as well.  Here’s another classic of my childhood:

I could spend hours on these… maybe I should prioritize my life?

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