What is Tom Brady wearing?

Welcome to another edition of the complicated and sometimes depressing game: what the heck is Tom Brady wearing?

Here is the outfit up for consideration this week:

Is Tom Brady…

A) …dead serious about this outfit as something worn by real-life grown-ups in public?

B) …wearing this outfit at least somewhat appropriately as a gesture to the running of the Kentucky Derby this past weekend?

C) …pushing the limit when it comes to outfits he can pull off due to his combination of good looks, wealth, and celebrity?

D) …it doesn’t matter. We stopped caring when he became the “Male Uggs” guy.

You have 60 seconds to consider your answer. In the meantime…


If you’re playing at home, the correct answer is D.

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  • Amar S.

    Why do you care what someone else is wearing? What is this, TMZ?

    • Hayden Kane

      Express disinterest if you wish, Amar, but I personally find it impossible to see the outfit considered here and NOT care deeply about what Tom Brady is wearing. Troubling, is the word I might use to describe that burden. Necessary is the word I would use to describe this article.

      • Razorhog

        Tom Brady is a fashionable guy.

      • Amar S.

        Necessary? So you’re saying, this entire outfit, somehow impacts the New England Patriots season and it’s necessary to inform every fan about this? Like what I said.. It’s just an outfit. It’s not like Brady is spending his time and money going out and doing drugs.

        (Yes I’m a Patriots fan)

        • http://lightlybuzzed.com/ Bandit Ref

          We know you’re a Pats fan Amar, you’re not having a sense of humor was a dead giveaway. Don’t worry if Brady starts doing drugs we will talk about that too.

  • Master Luke

    Tom Brady is easily the most beautiful QB in the NFL – of couse this article is necessary.