Peyton Manning makes appearance on Late Show with David Letterman

This week Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning joined the long list of celebrities from various walks of life who are making one last appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman before Letterman hands the reigns to Stephen Colbert.

As you watch Manning’s interview, you can run down the checklist of the things you always see from him:

  • Aww shucks humor
  • Self-deprecating comments
  • Forced to talk about audibles (Updated for 2013: forced to talk about audibles and his use of the word “Omaha”)
  • Inadvertently showing his competitive side

In this particular clip, Manning throws in a couple bonus items: a Bill Belichick comment (which tees Letterman up for a ‘Spygate’ joke) and even a little nod to Roger Goodell’s heavy-handed approach as NFL commissioner.

If anybody can get away with poking Commissioner Goodell it is probably Peyton Manning. That said, nobody can get away with poking Commissioner Goodell so you better believe he is going to keep a close eye (and ear) on Manning, ready to act swiftly and fine the Broncos QB for any transgressions.

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