Man at Arms: Jon Snow's Sword, Longclaw


Man at Arms via Awe me

Man at Arms via Awe me

If you haven’t seen Man at Arms on the Awe me YouTube channel, then do yourself a favor and go check him out. Each week, Man at Arms (Tony Swatton), forges iconic weapons from famous movies, television shows, and books. In 2013, he forged Jaime Lannister’s sword (not Oathkeeper, which was given to Brienne).


In his newest video, Swatton takes on the challenging task of forging Jon Snow’s sword, Longclaw. Longclaw was given to Jon by the Old Bear, Jeor Mormont, after Jon saved his life at Castle Black. The bastard sword (no pun intended), is Valyrian Steel and its pommel was once a bear’s head, as House  Mormont’s sigil is the bear. When Jon Snow saved Lord Commander Mormont’s life from an attack of wights, the Old Bear had Longclaw’s pommel changed to that of a direwolf’s head, and he gifted the sword to Jon.


Check out the making of Longclaw in the video below, and tell me what you think Tony Swatton should make next, in the comments section. Enjoy!

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