NFL Draft: Top Ten Draft Picks Intro Music

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The NFL draft is now WWE Monday Night RAW. That’s right folks, as if the prospect of going in the top ten of the first round of the NFL draft isn’t enough to swell the ego of somebody like, oh I don’t know, let’s say…Johnny Manziel, now the potential draft picks get to pick their own intro music as well. That being said, I do not pretend to know anything about which team will choose whom, but I can darn well speculate…and in the end, that pretty much qualifies me as an “Expert” for ESPN, right? RIGHT?



Detroit Lions



The consensus around the numerous NFL draft boards, is that Detroit is in desperate need of a WR. If that is the case, then LSU’s Odell Beckham Jr. might be their guy. Being from LSU, there can be only one intro music choice for this guy. Sorry OBJ…




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