Movie News: First Official Look at Ben Affleck's Batsuit and Batmobile

Zack Snyder tweeted a picture, earlier this morning, of Ben Affleck, in his Batsuit, standing by the Batmobile! Now, this comes as a huge piece of news for cautiously optimistic fans, who were worried that the “Affbat” would look horrible as Batman. However, this picture looks absolutely stunning, and gives more than just the tiniest bit of Batcred to Snyder and Affleck.




There seems to be another mystery revolving around the first official picture, as a Joker-like face appears behind Batman. What are we looking at here? Is there going to be a Joker appearance in Batman vs Superman?


Personally, I am very excited about this picture, because it looks like Zack Snyder is keeping to the “Dark Knight” gritty look that we have come to know and love, thanks to Christopher Nolan. Also, before you get your tights in a twist, I full realize that this incarnation Batman is not the same from the Dark Knight trilogy. Still though, this picture looks pretty awesome, right? Tell me what you think about the picture, and the mysterious face behind Batman, in the comments below.

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