Sep 14, 2013; College Station, TX, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban gives an interview against the Texas A&M Aggies after the game at Kyle Field. Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Texas A&M Aggies 49-42. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Saban Tells Reporters "Kiss my ass."

Social media continues to drive the modern college football scandal. Yesterday former West Virginia quarterback Pat White facebooked that the University of Alabama had offered to give him a Corvette as a recruiting incentive.  In fact Pat White went so far as to claim that Alabama has been giving out cars for years.
White’s comment was a response to a picture tweeted by current Alabama running back Derrick Henry. Henry tweeted out a picture of himself in front of his new car this week. Almost as soon as Henry tweeted his picture fans from rival schools pounced. Henry took down his photo a few minutes later tweeting:

All of this social media controversy eventually made it’s way back to Nick Saban, with the expected results.  Saban was in Nashville when reporter Mike Organ asked him about Pat White’s statement:

IMG_1595There’s a lot to cover in this social media train wreck so let’s start with Pat White.   I of course believe that Alabama did offer Pat White a Corvette; I mean when you come across 3rd string back up for the Edmonton Eskimos talent you want to get it locked down.  White was never offered a quarterback scholarship at Alabama, he was offered as a DB.  It sounds like someone still has a three star chip on their shoulder even after becoming a darling of the CFL.
On to Derrick Henry, so three star Pat White was offered a Corvette and five star super recruit Derrick Henry only got a Dodge Charger? Either this economic downturn is worse than I thought, or Alabama is getting lazy.  Dodge Chargers pft, that’s Ole Miss level game.
Derrick Henry does make a great point.  If you care what kind of car college football players are driving then you’re an idiot.  If you think any school doesn’t have pay for play going on right now you’re crazy.  If you really think that the archaic amateurism rules of the NCAA hold any moral water while the NCAA sits back and allows players like Jeremy Hill, who raped a 14 year old, play football then you are past help.  I don’t know if Derrick Henry bought the car, his parents bought the car, or a booster bought the car, and I don’t care.
All of this talk of Donald Sterling has made us very aware of the in your face brand of racism, but that’s not the only kind.  There is another more insidious racism at play here.   To jump to the conclusion that a black college student can’t have a car is racism plain and simple.  How do any of us know his family’s financial situation?  This is the kind of racism where people say “I’m not racist but…”
Finally my man Nick Saban.  Nick is just out there grinding folks, and if you try to pull him off his grind you get what you get.  If you ask Saban questions about football schemes he lights up like a kid on Christmas morning, but you ask him about a Facebook post?  Bro, how did you not know what you were going to get?  You’re just lucky he told you to kiss his ass and didn’t make you run laps.

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