Last Week Tonight: John Oliver Accurately Predicts The Future

HBO took the weekend off for Memorial Day. Shows like Game of Thrones and VEEP were in absence, and so too, was Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Last Week Tonight’s entire premise, is that John Oliver reports the news that happened during the week, prior to his show. Because he knew he would be off for Memorial Day, Oliver taped a segment just for last week.

In the segment, he makes some predictions that may or may not have happened. For instance, the entire NFL coming out as gay, and a rich old man making racist/sexist remarks while trying to explain them away.


An even more hilarious prediction, which absolutely came true, was: “Lebron James dunked a basketballforcefully…several times in front of Miami’s largest collection of assholes.”

Lebron James had one of his better playoff performances, as he scored 32 points and grabbed 10 rebounds (including several monster dunks). This all happened on the heels of Indiana Pacers’ gaurd, Lance Stephenson, saying he was in Lebron’s head.





John Oliver is witty and hilarious, and his show brings a fresh spin on “Faux News”. I don’t know about you guys, but I totally bailed on my weird aunt’s Memorial Day Cookout. So, clearly, John Oliver is a clairvoyant who should be worshiped for his fortune telling powers.

Check out the video, and tell me if some of John Oliver’s predictions came true for you, in the comments section below.



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