Is Community headed to Hulu?

The dream of six seasons and a movie might still be alive. According to THIS report from Deadline, the producers of Community are in preliminary talks with Hulu for another season of the highly acclaimed show. That’s great news for longtime fans, who have dealt with NBC’s official cancellation and show runner Dan Harmon’s hesitance to revive it elsewhere over the past few weeks.

This pattern of peaks and valleys is nothing new to followers of the Greendale Gang. The show has seemingly been on the chopping block for the better part of three years – which is absurd to anybody who’s ever watched other primetime sitcoms (I’m looking at you, Two Broke Girls).


Luckily online streaming services have started an arms race for original content. Hulu is undoubtedly counting on adding the small, but merry band of Human Beings to their list of subscribers – growing revenue and further testing out the business model in one bold move.


IMG_1593From a viewer’s perspective, this is a big win. Once upon a time, short-lived shows with rabid fanbases were chalked up as ‘cult classics’ as soon as they were cancelled. Thankfully, there has been a shift in the industry and shows like Community can live on without a network to call home.


The deal isn’t done yet, so keep your fingers crossed … but personally I’d be surprised if we didn’t get to see Jeff, Annie, Britta, Shirley and Abed in the study room again soon.


Now we just have to wait for somebody to order another season of Firefly.



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