Malcolm Glazer Owner of Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United Dies at 85

Malcolm Glazer the owner of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Premier League’s Manchester United has died at age 85. Glazer Glazer leaves behind and is mourned by his wife Linda, six children, and numerous sports fans.

Glazer bought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1995 and was able to guide his franchise to a Super Bowl win seven seasons later.

While not universally loved by the Bucs fanbase Glazer made some great calls as owner of the Bucs like hiring renowned coach Jon Gruden.

Glazer’s takeover of Manchester United was much more gradual. Glazer began buying out the Manchester United shareholders in 2003 and achieved majority ownership in 2005. Manchester United is one of the most popular and successful football clubs in the Premier League with 3 Champions League titles. It’s rumored that Glazer never actually stepped foot in Manchester United’s stadium.

After Glazer’s death his 90% stake in Manchester United ownership will be equally split among his six children. The conditions of his Tampa Bay Buccaneers ownership are still unknown at this time.

IMG_1593 Whether you loved or hated Malcolm Glazer you can’t argue that he had a big impact on sports.

Glazer was able to bring Tampa Bay a Superbowl after only a few years of ownership, which is very impressive. Taking a team like Tampa Bay which was at the bottom of the league and turning them into a Superbowl champ in seven years is incredibly hard.

The last few years saw many Tampa Bay fans becoming disheartened with the franchise. Tampa Bay has fallen a great deal winning only four games in 2013. The hiring of coach Greg Schiano from Rutgers has been controversial at best as well. Schiano’s decisions to alienate some of the past Tampa Bay players have not made him many friends in Cigar City.

Glazer’s ownership of Manchester United hasn’t been a warm experience either with rumors that he never even set foot inside Old Trafford. Glazer also mostly used Manchester United’s own income to buy the club putting United £525m in debt.

Whether it’s a Superbowl win or a huge debt that you remember Glazer for, you just can’t deny his impact of the world of sport. RIP Mr. Glazer.

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