Billboards advertising the Mississippi State at South Alabama game are up in Mobile

It’s not often that you see an SEC team traveling to a Sun Belt team’s stadium, but that’s what Mississippi State is doing.   Mississippi State is going to play the mighty South Alabama Jaguars at world renowned Land-Peeples Stadium located in beautiful Mobile Alabama.  

A home and home series dating back to 2012, could this be the rival Mississippi State has always been looking for?

Needless to say the Jaguar faithful are all atwitter at the thought of a home matchup up with an SEC giant like Mississippi State.  In fact the Jaguars are so ready for this game that they’ve taken a page from Mississippi State’s own playbook by putting up a billboard.  If you’re driving on I-10 or I-65 in Mobile you might see this glorious sight:



IMG_1595You’ve got to be pretty excited about playing Mississippi State to put up a billboard in May for a September game.   I mean I feel like you might peak too soon if you start getting hype about a Mississippi State vs. South Alabama game five months out.

I also really like how South Alabama’s chosen slogan for this game “It’s Here!”  The only think South Alabama missed out on was making “It’s Here!” into a hashtag.  #WeBelieve a real Mississippi State billboard would have slapped a number sign in front of that catch phrase and taken Twitter by storm.  “It’s Here!” really says so much with those two words: HEY GUYS WE GOT AN SEC TEAM TO COME PLAY AT A SUN BELT TEAM, IT’S LIKE AN EARLY BBVA COMPASS BOWL!

MSUbillboardMississippi State billboards are a thing of beauty.  Mississippi State started their billboard rise to glory soon after Dan Mullen took over as head coach, and they’ve never looked back.  Many of Mississippi State’s billboards are often directed at cross state rival Ole Miss, they tend to claim ownership of Mississippi.  You’d think Mississippi’s history would have taught them better than to claim ownership of people and states at this point.

It could be that Mississippi State wants to get some good recruiting exposure in South Alabama and grab some of those hot Elba Alabama and Pascagoula Mississippi recruits.

To me it looks like the Sun Belt is on the rise, but they don’t quite have the SEC billboard swagger game yet, add some hashtags and maybe a setting sun in the background and we can talk Jaguars.

What do you think the hashtag slogan for the Mississippi State at South Alabama game should be? Let us know in the comments below.

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