Is Marvel Canceling Fantastic Four?

An odd and possibly disturbing twist in the Marvel vs Fox Studios war, has The Fantastic Four possibly being canceled by Marvel, in order to confound Fox., a website that is dedicated to all things comics, has reported that they have sources and artists who have come forward with information on the possible “hiatus” of Marvel’s first super-hero team.


Information from the artists working on the Marvel 75th Anniversary Project have said that they were told NOT to draw any of the Fantastic Four characters. An artists who did not want to be named, had this to say:

“I do a number of sketch card projects for Upper Deck and Rittenhouse using Marvel characters. The most recent projects from both companies, one billed as Marvel 75th Anniversary, gave specific guidelines to NOT use any FF characters or supporting cast such as Dr Doom, Galactus, Surfer, Skrulls etc…”



memo sent to Marvel Sketch Artists via

Bleedingcool got their hands on an inter-office memo that was sent to the sketch card artists, in which they are told that the Fantastic Four are off limits.

And, another Bleedingcool source, who is close to Marvel, told them that this Fantastic Four cancellation is coming from Marvel CEO, Ike Perlmutter.  Perlmutter, who is Disney’s largest shareholder, is known to take things like this current war with Fox Studios, quite personally.



Not much is known on how this will affect the upcoming Fantastic Four movie reboot, but we do know that it will not take place in the same universe as X-Men. Fantastic Four is being directed by Josh Trank, the brilliant mind behind the low-budget, but big box-office success, Chronicle.


IMG_1595I was never that much into Fantastic Four, but I was cautiously optimistic about the news that the reboot would have an all new, much younger cast. I really like the actors they are using, and hope that Josh Trank can resuscitate a franchise that was murdered by the Fail of the Silver Surfer.

While I do not read many Fantastic Four titles, it is disturbing to me, that Marvel might go to such lengths, as cancelling the FF series all together, just to spite Fox Studios. In my opinion, these two companies need to set aside their differences and squash whatever lame beef they have with each other, so that we, the fans, can enjoy a Marvel universe, where Quicksilver isn’t played by two different actors, and the X-men can be called mutants, and not “miracles”. Get it together Marvel and Fox, because this war could end up alienating the very demographic that keeps you both afloat, the fanboys/girls.

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