Star Wars: Top Secret Set Pictures Leaked

UPDATE: Disney has requested that we take these images down. Sorry folks. But hey, it is the internet so you may still be able to find them somewhere.

TMZ has leaked pictures from the set of Star Wars VII. Several pictures were posted on the site’s page early this morning, depicting a huge new alien creature and what possibly might be the Tatooine market. You can visit TMZ for a complete gallery of all the pictures, which include the large creature with a porcine nose.


The set is on location in Abu Dhabi, where filming has recently commenced. While none of the pictures seem to include any of the new Star Wars film’s main characters, one thing is clear, J. J. Abrams’ promise to keep the CGI to a minimum, is coming to fruition.


TMZ’s sources reported that a five man team operated the giant pig-like creature, from its belly. The creature was used in two scenes, in what looked like the Tatooine market.




Other photos depict various camera shots of the supposed Tatooine market, including a shot of an unnamed actor standing in front of what looks like a speeder bike.


Although these leaked photos do not reveal much in the way of a plot or storyline, they do seem to confirm that J.J.Abrams will be taking Star Wars fans back to the home planet of Anakin and Luke Skywalker.



I am more excited than most for these pictures, because they confirm that the Jar Jar Binks-like CGI abominations that ruined the “prequels” wont be as predominant in Star Wars VII. As a boy, I probably watched the original trilogy more times than I can remember, in fact, I eventually wore out my VHS copy of ‘Empire Strikes Back’.

The reason I loved those movies so much, was the animatronic puppets that Lucas used to bring those cool aliens to life. I think the prequels were disastrously and tragically hurt, by having a bad computer rendering of some floppy eared, long tongued, goofy-bastard of an alien, bounce around and get into everything…it wasn’t MY Star Wars.

If Abrams can continue to produce cool looking aliens like this ginormous space pig, and the weird ancient alien looking dude that showed up in his ‘Force for Change’ video, then I am confident, that we will all be pleased with his final product. Now someone just needs to talk to him about all the lens flares in every one of his movies.


What do you think of these really, leaked pictures? Are you excited for the return of animatronic puppets? Let me know, in the comments below.

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