Sep 14, 2013; Piscataway, NJ, USA; Rutgers Scarlet Knights athletic director Julie Hermann during the first half of game against the Eastern Michigan Eagles at High Points Solutions Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Rutgers AD Julie Hermann Wants To Create A Disney World Experience

Julie Hermann has had a rocky first year as athletic director for Rutgers. The athletic department at Rutgers has been plagued by scandal and missteps.  Yesterday’s press conference is probably not going to help anything either. Hermann made a lot of statements that didn’t seem very well thought out.  Rutgers appears to still be operating in a small regional school mindset even though it’s now part of a power conference.


Let’s go through Hermann’s statements one by one and see if we can make sense of them. I mean we are going to try to make sense of them, I don’t think we can really do any more than that on this one.

“What I can promise you, one of the things we’re working on most, is when you come see us at ball games, starting with High Point Solutions Stadium, you have a world-class, Disney World experience.”

I don’t think it’s Disneyland that the Rutgers fans want, I think it’s athletic teams that aren’t just terrible.   This shows how disconnected Hermann is from college sports.  She is touting “Disney World experience”  as something that is a top priority.   I don’t think many TV sets are going to tune into the Rutgers game on Saturdays to see what kind of roller coasters are around the stadium.  Obviously she probably just means an experience that is as fun as Disney World, but just ask the Dallas Cowboys if having fancy amenities makes up for winning.

“One thing we can’t get our arms around is the fantastic media market we’re in, so we’re creating our own Rutgers channel so for those of you who love Rutgers can find out,”

First off, I don’t really even understand what she’s trying to say here.   I don’t understand how a Rutgers channel is going to help convince New Yorkers to watch a crappy New Jersey college football team plagued by scandal over the innumerable professional sports options in their city.  Rutgers should be glad that the New York media market got them into the Big 10, but they should also be realistic enough to realize that they are never going to be a big player in that market.  QUICK TURN OFF THE YANKEES GAME, RUTGERS VOLLEYBALL IS COMING ON THE RUTGERS CHANNEL.

“We have to lay this brick-by-brick. It’s going to take the entire village. In about a month, we’re going to start sending out a ton of information so you will know, first and foremost, what I’ve been up to for a year and what we’re getting ready.”

Why do you need a month before you can tell us what you’ve been up to the past year?  Besides we know what you’ve been up to, you’ve been destroying Rutgers athletics with one crazy move after another.  I do enjoy the “it’s going to take a village” thing.  Yes, lets use a super tired political cliche, that will get people excited about where we are going!  Brick by brick is also political code for “we’ve messed things up pretty badly at this point and it’s going to take a long time to fix, so be patient and pretend we are slowly building something great!”

“What I can tell you is as we build it brick-by-brick, the one thing I promise you is that it doesn’t matter how far they pull down on your athletic department, you will find out that we absolutely put our students first.”


“What I can tell you is as we build it brick-by-brick, the one thing I promise you is that it doesn’t matter how far they pull down on your athletic department, you will find out that we absolutely put our students first.”

Yeah it’s the mysterious they that have been bringing down Rutgers athletics, not you yourself.  The illuminati are involved, illuminati hate second tier schools from New Jersey.  I don’t think Mrs. Hermann is all there,  I got a feeling she might think 9-11 was an inside job.


Rutgers needs to get rid of this looney toon fast.  It’s obvious that Hermann either has no idea what she’s doing or is just flat out crazy… or both. This was one of the most nonsensical press conferences I’ve ever heard.  I don’t know how a booster could hear Mrs. Herman talk and then walk away from that feeling confident in the direction of their university.   I didn’t even make an New Jersey jokes in this post, THAT’S HOW BAD I FEEL FOR RUTGERS FANS.

As as the Big 1o goes well, you know that feeling of regret when you eat a greasy pizza that you know you shouldn’t have?

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