Kickstarter: Welcome to Leith

Welcome to Leith is the story of Leith North Dakota, a small rural prairie town. A town that had few residents and fewer visitors until a group of Neo-Nazis decided to try to take over. The film is on Kickstarter and has a fascinating trailer out.

Welcome to Leith – NEW Trailer from NO WEATHER on Vimeo.

IMG_1593 This trailer is fascinating for several reasons. It really sets up how quiet, nice and welcoming the town is, then it shows you how crazy everything has become. Comparing the difference in the citizens attitudes in the beginning of the trailer to the end is amazing.

I know we usually stick to comedy and sci-fi on the LB, but this movie really got me thinking. How would the average normal person react to a crazy set of circumstances like this? We see how Hollywood thinks when they do a zombie apocalypse show. HINT: WE DON’T HANDLE IT WELL. From what I see in this trailer the people of Leith are also having a hard time dealing with a crisis they never imagined. It may not be Zombies, but I think Neo-Nazis probably rank pretty high on the crazy scale as well.

From what I can see from the trailer it looks like the towns people were heavily involved in the film, but it doesn’t really show many interviews with the Neo-Nazis.  I would be curious to see if the film is able to determine their motivations for being in the town and how much contact the filmmakers were able to secure with them.  Sometimes these groups are very open to publicity and other times they shun it.

I really hope this movie makes it’s Kickstarter goal because I would love to see where this thing goes. It’s going to have a battle to get there though. Most really successful kickstarters are either funny or have a celebrity involved in them. I hope this film proves me wrong, succeeds at gaining funding, and makes me think that people can care about something deeper.

What do you think about Welcome to Leith? Would this be a film you’d be interested in watching? Let us know in the comments below.


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