Star Wars: J. J. Abrams' Perfect Response to the Leaked Photos

This week has been filled with Star Wars VII leaked photos. On Monday, photos from the Abu Dhabi set were leaked by TMZ of what appeared to be the Tatooine market, and a rather large pig-like creature. Yesterday, TMZ was at it again, with more leaked photos from London, where a ship, strongly resembling the Millennium Falcon seemed to be in various stages of assembly.


J.J. Abrams is notorious for keeping a tight lid on his movies, in fact his special brand of movie reveal, is called “Mystery Box”, much like in ‘Cloverfield’, where the movie’s monster was not revealed until a quarter of the way through the movie. So, as you can imagine, Disney and Abrams are none too please about the leaked photos.

In response, J.J. Abrams has crafted the perfect comeback. On his company’s twitter account @bad_robot a photo was tweeted of a letter from Abrams’ own stationary.



“I wish people would stop leaking photos from Episode VII. And making ridiculous claims that the Millennium Falcon is in the movie. – JJ”


Chewbacca playing Dejarik against R2-D2 in Star Wars Episode IV

So what does this photo mean? Well, for one thing, Abrams letter is resting on a Dejarik table. Any Star Wars fanboy can tell you that Dejarik is the hologram game found on board the Millennium Falcon in ‘Star Wars: Episode IV’. J.J. Abrams is a master internet troll.

‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ is set to hit theaters in December of 2015.



IMG_1593J.J. Abrams just earned a crazy amount of respect from me, for his tweet response to the leaked photos. Not only did he NOT confirm that the photos were of the Millennium Falcon, but he just poured gas on the fire that sent fanboys into a meltdown.

Seriously though, that picture of his stationary, on the Dejarik table was one masterful troll job. Well done J.J. Abrams, well done.

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