There's now a "@Praying4theSEC" Twitter account?

There are a lot of crazy Twitter accounts out there from people pretending to be Happy Gilmore, to people who think people pretending to be Happy Gilmore are funny, to Amanda Bynes before the nice doctors made the voices stop.  This one in particular is just beyond bizarre, yet totally perfect, in my eyes though.  @Praying4theSEC is a twitter account dedicated to prayers, of a sort, directed at the twitter handles of SEC players.  For instance:

I’m sure that whoever is behind this Twitter account believes that they are doing the good Lord’s work.  We are all well aware of the fact that Jesus loves the SEC most of all.  I mean the SEC is God’s chosen country, that’s from Leviticus.  I know some of you may be doubters and heathen Big 10 fans, but just trust us on this one.  Even knowing all that though it’s still hard to place a Twitter account that says:

Now I am a good southerner and I pray for a lot of things, sports and sports stars aren’t one of them. It always felt a bit insulting to be asking the omnipotent creator of the universe to help lay the beat down on Ole Miss. That doesn’t seem to be the angle with @Praying4theSEC though.
The account also doesn’t have that Auburn cult feel to it. Auburn loves to mix a little religion in their football, but only in the weirdest cultiest (WORD I MADE UP) way possible. Auburn fans will pray for their “family” and say odd things about the lord being on Auburn’s side. This account isn’t taking sides.
Is this account a little strange and good for a chuckle? Sure it is, but this person obviously has good intentions and is on a mission so good for them. Do your prayer warrior thing @Praying4theSEC, maybe your prayers will offset all the condemning the rest of us SEC fans do? I don’t know if Jesus has a twitter account, but if he does you know most of his follows are SEC football related. Good on you football prophet to the players who don’t get paid. I love your logo too, did Joker Phillips make it for you?
I would like to offer a prayer of my own at this time if I may, it is Sunday morning after all. Please remove your houndstooth clothing and turn your Calvin peeing on something t-shirt inside out.
Dear SEC football God,
We know you are a mighty God, creator of Saban and Miles. We realize that we can never be truly worthy to chant those three magic letters and yet you love us still. We disappointed you this year, it was our fault. We allowed the SEC to be represented by Auburn and they failed the whole conference, the streak, you, America, and themselves. We should know better than to allow those unwashed troglodytes to carry forth your banner. If you should see fit to allow the might SEC to make it to the playoffs this year we promise to do our best and believe in the process. Please bless Doctor Bo as he begins another year of botched surgery. Please let Will Muschamp’s new blood pressure medicine get his BP under 300. Bless your prophet Mark Richt as he enters his 16th rebuilding season at Georgia; he’s only a few years off from having it all together. Bless Steve Spurrier’s short game. Bless Bret Bielema’s favorite Golden Corral. Most of all bless Uncle Verne and Aunt Gary.
In your one and only son Houston Nutt’s name I pray, amen.


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