NASA beams video to earth by laser

NASA is now sending information via light. NASA has sent a short video from the international space station back to earth using a laser. The devices used is called the OPALS or Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science.

The video below that was transmitted in about 3.5 second would have taken over 10 minutes to send using current methods.

IMG_1593 If you think communication moves fast right now, just wait till we can communicate at the speed of light.

Think about downloading something with your smartphone, if you are on WiFi you’re using a fiber optic network and downloads move very quickly. If you’re just using your 3g however, well then the speeds are significantly slower. This technology would allow you to download wirelessly as quickly as you do on WiFi, no matter where you are. In fact this technology would be much faster than WiFi.

What this could mean for future consumers is that there might not be a need for a ground based network. Since a beam of light would have almost limitless capacity, you would never need to have a data limit. (That’s not to say you wouldn’t have one because communication companies love to rip you off.) There would be no slowing down of a network due to high usage, it just wouldn’t matter.

The implications for this technology are just amazing. It would, in my opinion, be a jump just as big as the jump to WiFi. WiFi might one day be as antiquated as that AOL log on sound is today.

This is where communication companies usually fall into a trap. They are so sure that you must use their service they stop moving forward. They begin to rip off their customers because they feel like they have a lock on the market.

AOL certainly felt like the world couldn’t go on without them, and they got left in the dust. The same could be said for Microsoft when they didn’t want to get into phones and mobile devices.

Will the bad will and anger that the cable companies are creating with their anti-consumer tactics come back to haunt them? Are they letting the bet ride a little too long? Will laser communication revolutionize the world? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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