Walmart CEO takes Alabama hat from employee

Walmart held it’s annual shareholders meeting in Fayetteville Arkansas last week. Walmart’s CEO took special time to walk up into the crowd and introduce some of the hard working “associates.” That was when Walmart CEO Doug McMillion spotted an Alabama hat on one of his employees. McMillion removed the hat from the employee’s head and said “we’ll give that back to you at the end of the meeting but we don’t do that here.”

Check out the video:

IMG_1595 Alright first off that’s ridiculous. What is it with Arkansas folks being so sensitive about fans of other SEC schools? First it was the reporter with a Florida hat and now it’s this. Alabama is Arkansas’ rival like the America is the rival of Micronesia. Sure America and Micronesia are both countries on planet earth, but that doesn’t make them rivals.

I’m a little disappointed this employee didn’t scream “Roll Tide!” somewhere in here. I mean would a “OVER SABAN’S DEAD BODY BY GOD, ROLL TIDE!” have killed him?

I do think it is kinda funny, and I know most people will get

a smile out of it. I find it hard to forget that these employees, who he’s so lovingly playing with, are also the employees that his company won’t let work full time and generally tries to screw at every turn.

The Walmart CEO trotting out employees reminds me of politicians trotting out a poor family from their district or state. You know they don’t really give a rip about those people, they are just a means to an end for them. “Y’all havin’ fun? I’m a fun boss! Now about that indentured servitude?”

I’m not saying Walmart is evil, or that we need to burn it to the ground. I’m just saying that I’m having a hard time laughing along a place like Walmart. Now if you will excuse me I need some batteries, beer, and a “No Fear” t-shirt… yeah, you can bum a ride to Walmart if you need socks and WD-40.

How would you react to the Darth Vader of retail removing your teams hat? Let us know in the comments below.



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