Sonic the Hedgehog Coming to a Theater Near You

That’s right folks, Sonic the Hedgehog is finally getting a movie. Nearly 24 years after the original game’s release for the Sega console, Sony Pictures Entertainment is teaming up with Marza Animation Planet, to develop a live-action/CGI hybrid, feature-length Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Evan Susser and Van Robichaux, who are currently working on a live-action ‘Jetsons’ movie, will be writing the script, and Neal H. Moritz (Fast and Furious franchise), will be producing.


Not much is known about the plot, but Sonic will be joined by most of, if not all of the main cast of supporting characters from the iconic video game, including Sonic’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman. In the 20+ years since his creation, Sonic has become an icon himself, and during that time, Sonic the Hedgehog games have become a dynasty to the tune of nearly $1billion.


Columbia Pictures’ President of Production, Hannah Minghella, had this to say to The Wrap:

“There are limitless stories to tell with a character like Sonic the Hedgehog, and a built-in international fan base. Along with our wonderful creative partners at Marza, we’re looking to capture everything that generations of fans know and love about Sonic while also growing his audience wider than ever before.”

There is no official release date, as of yet, for Sonic the Hedgehog the movie. The last Sonic video game, titled Sonic Lost World, was released in October of 2013.



This could either be really bad, or very good, but as with most, if not all movies based on video games, there is zero grey area. Just look at Street Fighter the Movie, also, let us all bow our heads in shame, and remember the Super Mario Bros. movie…never forget.

As a child of the 90’s I played he crap out of Sonic the Hedgehog. I was the only one of my friends to have both a Sega and Nintendo, so as you can imagine, I was the envy of the neighborhood. I’m okay with a Sonic movie, although the fact that they are making it a live-action/CGI hybrid, does make me nervous.

Did you play Sonic the Hedgehog back in the 90’s? Would you go see this movie in theaters? Let me know in the comments below.




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