Aaron Paul's Xbox Commercial is a Lesson in Master Trolling

In a recent Xbox One commercial, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, talks about how awesome his Xbox One is. During the commercial, Paul gives his Xbox One several voice commands, thus showing off Xbox One’s famous, or infamous depending on how you see it, voice controlled command system.

These voice commands are the cause of much consternation for many Xbox One owners as every time the commercial is on, and Aaron Paul gives his Xbox One a command, their Xbox Ones respond. So, when Paul tell his Xbox One to turn on, so does every Xbox One in the vicinity of the commercial. When Aaron Paul tells his Xbox One to go to Titanfall, if your Xbox is listening, then your Xbox will go to Titanfall.


Of course, Xbox One users took to Twitter to complain, which was quite entertaining.


Yes, bro. Technology is in fact, weird.    

Caps-lock is cruise control for cool.


If you can’t turn your Xbox One on, then it will eventually find someone who can…    

At least this guy is a good sport about it.



Finally, the greatest Tweet response to Aaron Paul’s Xbox One commercial:



The folks over at Microsoft haven’t made an official statement, but the usual “adjust your Kinect volumes” jargon seems to have been expressed. This isn’t the first time Xbox One users have been trolled, although it is the first time a celebrity has been involved.
Shortly after Xbox One was first released, a user named Master of Luck, created a troll character called Xbox One Sign Out, and went into Call of Duty: Ghosts player vs player games where people would read his name…the result was hilarious.




Do you own an Xbox One? Did Aaron Paul cause some Kinect shenanigans in you home? let me know in the comments section below.

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