Jun 13, 2014; Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, BRAZIL; Mexican fans cheer during the second half of Mexico

Mexico vs. Cameroon, Bandit's World Cup Recap

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Mexico vs. Cameroon

“And the Lord said get two of each animal on the ark and don’t forget Mexico and Cameroon.” – Russell Crowe

The rain gods let Mexico and Cameroon know they were watching this one. I guess that’s what happens when you have the World Cup in the rainforest, not just any rainforest either, THE rainforest. When you say rainforest people instantly think of Brazil. Enjoy the rain while you can, when we have the next World Cup in a 125 degree hell desert you’ll miss the copious moisture.

Mexico was in control of this game from

start to finish but the game was 0-0 going into halftime. Mexico had one goal that got taken away because of a controversial offsides call. It wouldn’t be a World Cup match if the refs didn’t do something crazy now would it?

Cameroon held on until the 61st minute when Mexico’s Oribe Peralta swept one in after it bounced off the Cameroon goaltender’s stomach. That must suck, having your stomach assist in the goal of the opposing side. Stomachs and African nations always seem to be at odds.

Mexico and Brazil both have a win and a lead in group A now. Mexico now has to play Brazil and the winner of that match will have an almost certain lock on one of the two qualifying spots. A Mexican win would put a lot of pressure on Croatia, who lost to Brazil already. If Brazil were to win then the Mexico vs. Croatia match is going to be really intense.

I don’t know if Mexico and Croatia really have countries that are their “nemesis.” I mean the USA had Soviet Russia and the Nazis. Mexico and Croatia could be on a path to create a really weird national rivalry. BORSK VS. BURRITOS! ENTER THE SECOND WORLD COUNTRY THUNDERDOME!

As for Cameroon, they made a fine showing, but I don’t see them beating Brazil or Croatia.

Bandit’s Rooting Interests:  I’m rooting for Brazil to get a win so we have high drama in the Mexico vs. Croatia match. I’m such a drama llama.

Do you want to see a high drama Mexico vs. Croatia? Let us know in the comments below.


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