OK Go - The Writing's On the Wall

OK Go is a great band, but their real talent is in music videos.  It’s such a shame that OK Go wasn’t around in the 80’s because they would have ruled MTV.  You see MTV was a television channel that showed music videos. In fact that’s why it was called MTV, it stood for “Music Television.”   I realize that most of you only know MTV as a Teen Mom Catfish Road Rules Challenge TV, but trust me on this one.

OK Go really busted onto the scene with their dancing on treadmills video to “Here it Goes Again.” The band has done videos with the Muppets, trained dogs, a Rube Goldberg machine, a musical car, and the Notre Dame marching band dressed as snipers.  I don’t want to cause you to waste company time, but if you wanted a distraction and you haven’t checked out OK Go’s video library it would be a pretty awesome morning.

When I saw that OK Go had a new video I was excited, but I was also a bit worried.  As much as I love OK Go I always worry that the new video won’t live up to the standard. That’s so ridiculous of me, I should have faith in the OK Go.

Check out OK Go’s newest music video masterpiece:

I’m sorry rock gods, I don’t know why I didn’t have faith, that was awesome.

The video started off very similar to the Rube Goldberg machine video for “This Too Shall Pass” but switched gears quickly. It was a mind bending video lesson in optical illusions.

Another thing I love about OK Go videos is that they include the whole band in a big way, it’s not just the lead. They also often include a shot of the crew celebrating after the video, and this one was no different. You get the awesome video then you get to see all the people who made it happen celebrating. Keep it up OK Go, you are the rock kings of YouTube.

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