Idina Menzel Suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction on Stage

I promise this is not a video of Idina Menzel singing her hit song “Let it go”. This is a video of Idina having a problem with her wardrobe and not being ashamed of it. When most people have a wardrobe mishap it is normally in the privacy of their home. For Idina, it would have to happen in front of thousands of people who paid to hear her sing at Radio City Music Hall.

Idina looked stunning in her low cut sliver gown with black leather top. However, her top did not give her the support she needed. The “top” in question, started creeping up and part of her breast was visible. As the brunette beauty’s right breast began to come out of the bottom of her black bra, the front row audience members began shouting out to her that she was being overexposed.


Idina had just finished performing a song on stage and was talking to the crowd, when she heard the shouts. Immediately the wardrobe mistress jumped on stage to try to spare Idina’s dignity, by turning her away from the crowd. Instead of Idina being extremely embarrassed, she completely owned the moment. Before the wardrobe mistress could put Idina’s breast back in her bra and secure it in place, Idina looked into the monitor to see how bad the wardrobe malfunction was.

She playfully said, “This diva needs her stage” referencing her breast and the lyrics to the song she was about to sing, ‘Take Me or Leave Me’, from the Broadway musical Rent. She also stated how the incident would be all over television…and she was right. The video of the incident was uploaded quickly to YouTube and has been viewed almost a million times. The last 10 seconds of the video is where Idina shows her great wit and adeptness to handle any situation.

Idina owned the moment by showing everyone she is as real as her boobs and we love her for it.

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