Meghan Trainor’s 'All About That Bass' should be the summer song of 2014

Watch Out guys! Meghan Trainor is bringing booty back, and taking the media to task on how women are portrayed. She released her new song ‘All About That Bass’, which she co-wrote with Grammy nominated producer Kevin Kadish. Kadish’s song writing credits include work for Miley Cyrus, Michelle Branch and Joe Jonas. Before Meghan signed with EPIC Record Company, this 20-year-old singer/songwriter and Nantucket, Massachusetts native recorded her songs in her home studio.

At the age of 17, Meghan was discovered by Big Yellow Dog Music at the Durango Songwriter’s Expo in Colorado. She decided to wait until she was 18 to sign her contract. If the guy dancing in the music video looks familiar it’s Vine famous Sione Maraschino. He brings his sassy dance moves and infectious smile.

Had the song been released 2 months ago, All About That Bass could have been a contender for summer song of 2014. It has an infectious beat and a great message. The lyrics and beat reminded me of so much of Lily Allen’s hit songs Smile with some of the grittiness of Hard Out Here.

Meghan stated on her YouTube page the reason she wrote the song was because “girls don’t love themselves as much as they should”, and I could not agree more. Girls feel the pressure to be thin from the media, family and friends. The summer months are especially difficult for girls who have a little more booty and less self-esteem.  She is not shy about taking on the media with the lyric,

“I see the magazines working that Photoshop,

we know that shit ain’t real,

come on now, make it stop.”

Some might find it odd that Meghan works in an industry that is just as responsible for an unattainable body image, but I don’t. For all the Lana Del Rey and Lord petite sized women in the industry it also has its Adele and Jill Scott’s; who some might say are more successful. The same cannot be said for the modeling industry. Meghan is a young women who has a magnificent message to give young girls. It’s a better message than a song about life in the fast lane and being fancy.

If you like the song you can download it for free on her website



Let me know in the comments or on twitter what you think about the song.

Correction: Meghan co-wrote the song but did not produce. Production credit goes to Kevin Kadish.

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