Why the trolls of college football hate on Alabama

Pete Roussel, from coachingseach.com, was on the Paul Finebaum radio program yesterday and said he believes Alabama will lose at least two maybe three games.  Now for most fanbases a season with only two or three losses would be a golden year, not at PAWLAlabama.  Roussel doubled down on his prediction by claiming that the teams Alabama would lose to were Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Auburn.  Of course Alabama could lose to Auburn, they are an instate rival and a top team most years, but MSU and Ole Miss?  The last time Ole Miss beat Alabama I was getting excited for ‘Kill Bill Vol. 1′ to hit theaters and bumping to R. Kelly’s ‘The remix to Ignition.’ 2003 was a pretty great year all around wasn’t it?  You may be inclined to say that past performance isn’t a predictor of the future, but Mr. Roussel backed up his claim that Ole Miss would beat Alabama by saying that “they played them close last year.” Alabama beat Ole Miss 25-0 last year.

Roussel wasn’t done though, he also made a prediction about who would win the first college football playoff… Clemson.  Yep, Pete Roussel says Alabama will lose to Ole Miss and MSU, and Clemson will win the national championship.  Pete Roussel has never watched football.

So why would Pete Roussel say make claims like this? I think Michael Corleone said it best when he stated that “it’s business, not personal Sonny.”  You see Pete Roussel wasn’t banking on his predictions coming true, he was banking on it being something shocking, something interesting to talk about, and something people wanted to hear.

Everyone but Jim Delany admits that college football is big business, there is a lot of money to be made.  I’m not going to lie and say I’m not making money off you reading this article about college football… er about the trolls of college football.  Where there is money to be made there is a crowd.  Roussel knows that in order to be heard above the buzz of millions he needs to say something that people will pay attention too.

But why is hating on Alabama such good business? There’s a good reason why Clay Travis and Tim Brando love to pick on the Tide, other than Tennessee and LSU love respectively.  Alabama is the Yankees, Alabama is the Patriots, Alabama is the Heat, Alabama is the (insert dominate dynasty hockey team here.)  Nick Saban has turned Alabama into a dominate program.  Even on Alabama’s down years they are playing for BCS bowls.  Even when they lose their BCS bowl and have a brand new quarterback they get ranked in the top 5.  Fans of other teams hate dynasties.

The trolls of college football know that if you want to get the highest number of people fired up you knock the big guy down a few pegs.  It’s human nature to want to see Goliath toppled from his pedestal.  To confirm this all you have to do is look at how social media lights up when Alabama loses a game.

Having Nick Saban doesn’t help Alabama’s lovableness factor either.  I love Nick Saban, but I’m an Alabama fan.  To fans of opposing teams he’s just a jerk that steals their recruits and embarasses them on the field.  If Nick Saban coaches at Alabama until the day he dies the next day LSU fans are going to be “WE TOLD YOU HE WAS GOING TO LEAVE YOU!”

Tim Brando picked Louisville as his number one last year, the year before that he picked LSU, the year before that LSU, the year before that Boise State probably.  Tim Brando knows he hasn’t made an accurate prediction in twenty years.  (We are of course excluding all of his Golden Corral specials predictions.)  Tim Brando doesn’t have to be right though, he just has to give the message boards something to talk about.

Brando is unique in that he’s gotten so good at trolling that he’s convinced himself he’s right. As show by the Tim Brando tweet lifecycle:

In reality Pete Roussel has gotten exactly what he wanted, here we are talking about his comments. Sometimes though you can’t beat a troll by remaining silent, sometimes you have to call him out for being a disingenuous business man who’s just in it for the clicks.

As for Alabama, they will be fine. You know the old saying “It’s better to be hated than ignored.” I think that quote is from either Darth Vader or Saban, I forget which. I’ve picked Bama to win the SEC this year, I know you’re shocked.  MSU and Ole Miss will be much improved, but won’t take down the Tide.  Clemson will Clemson at some point.

You can hear Pete Roussel hate for clicks on the Paul Finebaum show here.

Do you think Roussel, Travis, and Brando know what they are up to? Or do you think they are just really bad at picking winning football teams? Let us know in the comments below.

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