Michael Bay gets a job editing sports highlights for ESPN

ESPN is constantly looking to improve the entertainment value of their programing and bring in new viewers.  Whether it’s sad back-stories about how a player promised a puppy with cancer that they would win the big game or making the NBA off-season seem like an episode of teen mom, ESPN has you covered.
For many fans the great fear is that ESPN is turning into TLC, the History Channel, or MTV.   There is no learning on The Learning Chanel (TLC) unless you want to learn about a family of midgets.  There is little to no History on the History channel, other than the history of ice road truckers.  The only music on MTV is played during commercials.  Could ESPN be a sports channel about everything but sports?
Today ESPN took a big step in that direction I think when they hired Michael Bay to start directing their highlights.  The Sports Center top 10 plays will never be the same…
At number 10 it’s an exciting clip from the Tour De France:
Number 9 is the X-Games putting the X in explosion:
Number 8 is from this exciting, some would say explosive, World Cup:
Number 7, the NFL’s new taunting rule is murder:
Number 6 is a Dutch player celebrating in the World Cup like it’s the Fourth of July:
Number 5, hockey season is over, but it’s fun to look back at this great faceoff:
Number 4 shows that even in the winter you aren’t safe from Michael Bay:
Number 3, Smith plays with a lot of pop:
Number 2, this is a real sacrifice bunt:
Number 1 is the greatest goal in the history of the World Cup:
Michael Bay certainly hasn’t lost the subtle touch that made him who he is… the man who raped the memories of everyone born in the 80’s for money and explosions.
What would you have Michael Bay direct? Let us know in the comments below.
If you want to see more Michael Bay GIFS visit Reddit’s Michael Bay GIFS subreddit.

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