Auburn QB Nick Marshall cited for marijuana

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College Football Caveman
It’s the very first edition of College Football Caveman, a daily (except Wednesday) football article that will fill you in on what’s going on in college football in the most ridiculous and sarcastic way possible. You’re Welcome.

So why College Football Caveman? Because college football fandom comes from a primitive part of the brain. Often called the Reptilian Brain this part of your mind controls your primal instincts, breathing, hunger, anger, fight or flight, and college football fandom.

For instance, when I hear someone speak ill of Bear Bryant I lose all self control. My reptilian brain begins to tingle and I see the offending party not as someone making a joke, but as a prey item. When you turn to the elderly fan of the opposing team and yell “SUCK IT LOSER” after that interception, that’s the reptilian brain. When you call someone

Now that we’ve established what College Football Caveman is all about, I think it’s time we get to the important issues at hand… weed citations and rehearsal dinners. It’s still the off-season bro, sue me.
Next we talk about everyone’s favorite former Georgia Bulldog, Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall!

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