Jul 16, 2013; Hoover, AL, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier talks with the media during the 2013 SEC football media days at the Hyatt Regency. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The best of Steve Spurrier at SEC Media Days

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Steve Spurrier is the king, all hail him and revel in his glory.

SEC Media Days yesterday was downright boring. Let’s be honest Gus Malzhan may be a genius on the field but he’s not super exciting behind the podium. I swear Malzhan just looks like the kind of guy who swims in a t-shirt because of “harmful UV rays.”
The king did not disappoint though, he never does. Spurrier rose to the challenge and even gave us a little history lesson on the Alamo.
Here are some of the jewels we mined from Steve Spurrier’s appearance at SEC Media Days:

Spurrier on Steven Garcia’s hair “I said it looked like he joined Duck Dynasty.”


Steven Garcia Duck Dynasty


Spurrier on Steven Garcia “might be good in the media. … Heck, you guys made it.”


Steve Spurrier Burn


More on Garcia ““I thought he’d be real good at that arena ball.”


Garcia Steve Spurrier


“I always thought Davy Crockett was the hero of the Alamo.” Spurrier went on to explain Tennesseans were the real heroes of the Alamo.


Texas Steve Spurrier


“Gus Malzahn is one of the best coaches in the country. (Auburn) don’t win that national championship (2010) unless he is there.”


chizik Steve Spurrier


“Kevin Sumlin is a good coach. … He’s a good negotiator, too, we know that. He’s got a good deal.”


Skills Steve Spurrier

“When a coach tries to talk his player into staying (rather than NFL), it’s just not smart.”


go Steve Spurrier


“Only time will tell if Vanderbilt can do it. I know Wake Forest won an ACC one year, but it’ll be interesting.”


wink Steve Spurrier


“I can assure you our fans would rather beat Clemson than winning the SEC. Personally, I’d rather win the SEC.”


destiny Steve Spurrier


“I thought I was going to coach in the NFL for 5 or 6 years, retire to the beach and play some golf. That was a bad idea.”


plan Steve Spurrier


“big donors (in college) are similar to an owner of an NFL team. Best part they don’t tell you what to do.”


I see Steve Spurrier


On South Carolina QB Dylan Thompson “He’s the only QB in the country to beat UCF.”


touche Steve Spurrier


Steve Spurrier, will you be my Papaw?


papaw Steve Spurrier


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