Kacy Catanzaro dominates American Ninja Warrior

Move over Alex Morgan, Ronda Rousey, and Mo Isom we’ve got a challenger for the title of most amazing a female athlete.  Kacy Catanzaro has become the first woman to ever qualify for Mount Midoriyama, the Ninja Warrior final course.

Kacy Catanzaro is a 100lb 5ft tall woman who can kick your ass.  Kacy did an amazing job on the qualifying course for American Ninja Warrior.  Just completing that course is a feat that few female athletes have ever been able to do.  No female athlete has ever completed the finals course to reach Mount Midoriyama in Las Vegas.  Kacy didn’t just complete the finals course, she destroyed it.

Kacy’s weight and height are a huge disadvantage on the course.  Some of the bars and hand grabs are over 5ft apart, well past Kacy’s reach.  This means Kacy has to jump for it in places where a taller male competitor might just be able to make a reach.  Her smaller boy weight also means that it’s harder for her to build up momentum on some of the swings.  None of this stood in Kacy’s way.

Kacy was able to complete the course in 8 minutes and 59 seconds, a time better than many male athletes.

Check out Kacy’s amazing run and tell me you aren’t impressed:

Buzzed Breakdown That was simply amazing. I know that Kacy is a former gymnast from Townson University, and I know she’s coached by her boyfriend Brent Steffensen, a former Ninja Warrior himself, but come on that’s incredible. That’s more than just amazing athletic genetics (though those play a part) it’s also an incredible dedication to training. You don’t just get in good shape and then clear the second stage of Ninja Warrior, you have to train for the obstacles specifically as best you can.

Congrats to Kacy, I now have a new favorite to root for on Mount Midoriyama.

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